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The new normal with smart phones

18 May 2016 It should come as no surprise to anyone that the smartphones are changing our lives. Historians will remember the rise of the smartphone as something as important as electricity, the wheel, and the automobile. When I think back to life before the advent of the smartphone, it seems like a much harder way of life. The smartphone has changed my life as I know it and here is how. I am never truly bored Waiting in a slow checkout line, sitting in the departure lounge after your flight has been ...

Smart Learning with Ruzivo

16 March 2016 Welcome to the age of digital learning, where smartphones, tablets, and laptops have become portals to the world’s largest library, the Internet. To usher in the age of digital learning and maintain Zim-babwe’s position as one of the top literate countries in Africa, Econet has launched Ruzivo Digital Learning. It is a revolutionary online interactive digital learning platform targeted at both primary and secondary students. Ruzivo is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and is zero-rat...

Breaking Boundaries with EcoCash

4 September 2015 It’s the break of dawn, you wake up to get ready for a day of meetings, school runs and work when suddenly you receive a text message from your mother. She needs your help - money is tight and she has no groceries. You want to help, but she is in your village in a remote part of the Eastern Highlands and banks aren’t open yet. Then you remember… EcoCash! You can instantly send money from your EcoCash wallet to hers, just like that. That’s the beauty of EcoCash, it is inn...