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Talking Money

7 August 2017

Connecting the continent

3 August 2017 The advent of the cell phone in Africa has had the same revolutionary effect as the steam train had in 19th Century Europe. It transformed communication, revolutionised an industry, and created unmatched convenience. As cell phones have been widely adopted throughout Africa, the next wave in technological advancement in the continent is being led by Econet Wireless’ sister company, Liquid Telecom. Speed matters and that is why Liquid is spearheading the latest revolution - the rise of ...

Planting a seed for the future

3 August 2017 Seven out of ten people in sub-Saharan Africa are farmers; compare that to North America where the ratio is two in one hundred. In Africa, agriculture is the bread and butter of millions; it is a crucial economic activity that provides employment and livelihood for the majority of the continent. That is why the Econet Foundation introduced their Agricultural Development arm. The project provides farmers with a platform to be productive in the crucial agricultural domain, and ultimately creates e...

Striving for a higher life

2 August 2017 Education is vital to a thriving society and it is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty. Each child represents the future - the future of the community, the country and in turn, the future of the world. However, millions of children do not have access to the education or support they need to reach their full potential. This is why the Higher Life Foundation has shifted its entire focus to sponsoring education. The Higher Life Foundation aims to reduce the harrowing reality that out of ...

Fast, Smart Easy

2 August 2017