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Investing in the future with Ruzivo

18 February 2017

Investing in the future with Ruzivo

If you were to drop-in to local primary schools around the country, you would likely find two contrasting situations that largely reflect the current education situation in Zimbabwe. In one school, you may find more than 40 students in a class, sharing limited and outdated textbooks. In another school, you may find a practically empty class due to parents being unable to pay school fees. To help complement government’s efforts in providing educational resources to all students, Econet Wireless has launched a digital learning platform - Ruzivo Digital Learning.

Ruzivo is the first of it’s kind in Zimbabwe. It is a revolutionary online interactive digital platform targeted at both primary and secondary school students. It can be used both in the classroom for lessons or at home for revisions. It is designed to make educational material available to all. Ruzivo has a range of interactive lessons, exercises, and tests that will help students thoroughly grasp new content both at home and in class. All the material on Ruzivo is aligned to the Zimbabwean curricula. The Grade 4, 5, 6, and 7 Mathematics and Science education content has also been endorsed by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Curriculum Development Unit (CDU).

Education is the key to unlocking our nation’s prosperity. That is why Ruzivo is easily accessible on any device with Internet capability. There are student packages to assist students with revision at home and school packages to assist teachers and students in class, where teachers can keep track of their students’ progress. Registration is fast and can be done at

Zimbabwe is rated amongst the top literate countries in Africa, and Econet Wireless has launched Ruzivo to ensure this reputation is maintained. The ultimate aim of Ruzivo is to equip children with the numeracy, literacy, and the wider skills that they need to realise their full potential. It is helping students receive the extra support and material they need to excel. It is making it possible for all parents and guardians to invest in the future of their children.