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A New Platinum Partner for You

18 February 2017 The Platinum Club is growing and we are excited to introduce our new Platinum partner - Vinal Investments Private Limited. Vinal is the brainchild of Dr. and Mrs. Munyeza and it serves as an umbrella to nine stores and five international restaurant franchises. You can exclusively enjoy the Platinum experience whenever you step into one of these Vinal establishments: Mugg Bean Start the day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee at Mugg Bean. It is a restaurant and coffee shop that makes t...

Investing in the future with Ruzivo

18 February 2017 If you were to drop-in to local primary schools around the country, you would likely find two contrasting situations that largely reflect the current education situation in Zimbabwe. In one school, you may find more than 40 students in a class, sharing limited and outdated textbooks. In another school, you may find a practically empty class due to parents being unable to pay school fees. To help complement government’s efforts in providing educational resources to all students, Econet Wire...