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Smart Learning with Ruzivo

16 March 2016

Smart Learning with Ruzivo

Welcome to the age of digital learning, where smartphones, tablets, and laptops have become portals to the world’s largest library, the Internet. To usher in the age of digital learning and maintain Zim-babwe’s position as one of the top literate countries in Africa, Econet has launched Ruzivo Digital Learning. It is a revolutionary online interactive digital learning platform targeted at both primary and secondary students. Ruzivo is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe and is zero-rated, which means browsing is free for Econet subscribers and all new users can also enjoy a free 3-month trial up to 30 April 2016. Discover why you should sign your children up today:

Designed for Zimbabwean Students
Ruzivo is Zimbabwean through and through. All the content is aligned to the Zimbabwean curricula and has been endorsed by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Curriculum Develop-ment Unit (CDU).

Personalised Learning
Imagine a revision programme that moves at your child’s pace, that helps them grasp material they are struggling with and tracks their progress. That is what makes Ruzivo special – it includes interac-tive lessons, exercises, and tests, and it automatically generates reports for parents, guardians, and teachers to track their child’s performance on Ruzivo.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere
Technology has made access to information possible, anywhere and anytime! Ruzivo is a low cost, high quality education model, which is accessible across the country on any data-capable device. It is flexible and available across the country!

Embrace the smart way of learning and provide your children with the additional tools they need to succeed academically. Ruzivo has individual packages available for home use and school packages for classroom use. Visit and sign up for your free 3-month trial before it ends on 30 April 2016!