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Breaking Boundaries with EcoCash

4 September 2015

Breaking Boundaries with EcoCash

It’s the break of dawn, you wake up to get ready for a day of meetings, school runs and work when suddenly you receive a text message from your mother. She needs your help - money is tight and she has no groceries. You want to help, but she is in your village in a remote part of the Eastern Highlands and banks aren’t open yet. Then you remember… EcoCash! You can instantly send money from your EcoCash wallet to hers, just like that. That’s the beauty of EcoCash, it is innovative and has redefined how and when money is sent and received.

Mobile payments are on the rise around the world and have become extremely popular, with the likes of Apple Pay and Google Wallet. However, in Zimbabwe they are already a staple. According to the World Bank, 78% of Zimbabwean adults have sent money with their phone. EcoCash has been simplifying lives since its introduction in 2011. There is no longer a need to make a trip to your City Council office to settle your water bill or to be restricted by banking hours to send money. All payments can now quickly and securely be done on any mobile phone, including on a state of the art mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

EcoCash has facilitated an easier way of life, making stressful times more manageable, particularly the back-to-school time for university students and their parents. Preparing for university is often an emotional time, with all the moving, packing and saying goodbye, as well as sorting out pocket money and paying fees. However, now students no longer have to worry about carrying cash or converting their money, thanks to the EcoCash Debit Card. Topping up the Debit Card is instant, and students no longer have to wait days for the money to appear in their account. The groundbreaking Debit Card is activated on your phone and linked to your EcoCash wallet, and can be used at any MasterCard access point worldwide.

“Innovation” is a buzzword  that is often overused and misused, however in EcoCash’s case it is ideal. EcoCash is breaking boundaries in the mobile money sector and has become synonymous with convenience. It is easy to use and it addresses the needs of all Zimbabweans - the banked and the unbanked. If there’s a water bill or DSTV subscription to pay at the end of the month, airtime to buy, shopping to do or money to be sent, it can all be done via EcoCash. EcoCash is accepted nationwide and is making a cashless way of life a reality for millions around the country.