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Introducing Kwese Play

12 October 2018

Kwese iflix Million-Dollar Promotion Takes Off With a Bang

9 October 2018 Kwesé iflix recently launched a massive million-dollar Promotion intended to reward users of the popular sports and entertainment mobile service. The promotion presents Kwesé iflix users with the chance to win 12 brand new vehicles, tablets, mobile phones, and guaranteed daily prizes for every user. Speaking a week after the launch of the promotion, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chief Operating Officer, Mr Fayaz King, said the promotion - one of the biggest ever to hit t...

The Future of TV Is Here!

1 October 2018 In recent years, television has become a thriving and living thing. Online streaming of television has become the new “thing” of today and has taken TV watching to a whole other level. Online streaming is gradually moving to replace traditional television. As the months continue to pass by, we see more and more that online streaming is taking the place of the television. A study done by May, Cowen Co., as reported by Variety, shows that Netflix as well as YouTube, are now of...


13 September 2018

My Web Self Care

9 July 2018

We Speak African

30 April 2018

Smart Data Network

14 March 2018

Self-Service Redefined

1 March 2018 Imagine this scenario: you’ve just arrived home from work and need to buy a data bundle to finish sending a few more documents but don’t know how! What would you do: Try call the Econet helpline and wait for an operator? Go to the Econet Shop the next day? Use Econet’s self-service channels and receive an immediate answer? Nowadays, you no longer have to rely on traditional methods for accessing information, sending airtime, subscribing to services and more. You can now have...

Talking Money

7 August 2017